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RogueAgent-Nikita:  This tumblr is dedicated to the best TV show ever Nikita. All the gifs and pictures are made by me.
I'll accept requests of: gifs, color meme and screencap meme all the time. This blog is run by Alexia.

I know it’s been like decades since I don’t post here, but i’ts because on the last months I’m feeling tired of having blogs, I want to have only my personal now. But that doesn’t mean I will ignore all your pendent requests, I still remember of them. I’ll make them and post on my personal blog(don’t worry, I’ll reblog here so you can see), and when I’m done, I’m shutting down this place(just had to, sorry). I’m not gonna delete this blog because I’m still thinking that I might change my mind and come back, well, who knows… Anyway, if any of you watch Game of Thrones, The Vampire Diaries or Once Upon a Time and would like to follow me, talk to me or even make any kind of requests about Nikita, I’ll be here. And thank you so much, for following me, supporting me, I woudn’t last so much as I did without all of you. ♥


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"Nikita, it’s done. They know. But if you and Alex start battling it out, it’s gonna make everyone panic."

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"Why do you care, Amanda?"

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"You guys are just too clever for your own good, aren’t you?"

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